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I had just finished sweeping off the deck and was preparing to take a dip in the pool to cool off. Tim was taking advantage of the seclusion my cottage afforded by working on his all-over tan. My 5'10", blonde haired, blue eyed, muscular, 150 pound friend had just broken up with his boyfriend of two years and was in need of some peace and quiet. We have had a "more-than-just-a-friend" relationship for about five years, since my coming out, and have occasionally spent the night in each others bed. Nothing serious, but more than just a friend. When Tim called at mid-week wanting to come to my house just to talk, I knew he needed a friend more than a lover. Once there, he cried for two hours sobbing out the events [that led to his lover telling Tim he'd been sleeping with his secretary for three months, she was pregnant and he was going to marry her. We stayed up most of the night talking (we hadn't done much more talking since he met Rodney), and I asked him if he'd like to spend a long weekend at the cottage to regroup. I made it clear that I expected nothing in return and that I'd enjoy the company. Enough background..... Neither Tim nor I were shy about our bodies as we'd gone skinny- dipping on several occasions, but the sight of him lying there with the sun glistening on the beads of perspiration made my cock swell inside my shorts. "I'm gonna take a dip," I called to him from the deep end. "Wanna meet in the middle?" He raised up and smiled as I dove into the water. Gliding from the force of my dive, I was a bit surprised when he plunged in next to me at mid-pool. I hooked an arm behind his leg and pulled him under. We both popped to the surface together and Tim's arms went around my neck. I pulled him close to me and could feel his hard body press against me as our lips met. We kissed gently at first, but as Tim pressed his hips against me and my cock began to get harder, our passion flared. I put my hands on his bare butt, cool in the water, firm and smooth as I pressed him against me. As our kiss ended we were both out of breath and flushed with passion. "I want you" he murmured. "You sure?" I asked. "I don't want to take advantage of you." I was lying like a snake in the grass, but i really didn't want to push him if he was feeling rejected. "You're the only man I trust anymore since Rodney fucked me over. I've seen you watching me in the sun and I've seen the bulge in your suit." To add emphasis to his words he dipped his right hand beneath the water and ran his fingers over the straining material that confined my hard manhood. As he gently squeezed my shaft, he said "It's been two years since I've had a real man like you inside me. I don't know what it is, but you do something different or right and no one else makes me feel like you do." He purred "Yes, I want you!" We swam to the edge at the shallow end. Tim jumped out of the water sat on the edge of the pool, spread his legs and leaned back on his elbows with a sly smile on his lips and a look in his eyes that left nothing to my imagination. "Eat me like you used to.....long and slow, lick my balls, slide your tongue up my hard cock." he cooed. I kissed my way slowly down the inside of his leg, nipping lightly with my teeth as I went. It was almost ninety out, but still he shivered and goose-bumps appeared on his upper thighs. As I ever-so- gently touched his balls with the tip of my tongue he shuddered and let out a growling moan. His hands went to the back of my head, his fingers tangling in my hair as he pulled my face hard against his dripping cock. I stuck my tongue as deeply into his pisshole as I could and let my teeth just touch his cock as I slid up and down. Tim's hips started to buck and he gasped for breath. "OH, GOD!" he finally screamed as the waves of his powerful orgasm broke over him. (That's one thing I really liked about Tim, there was never any question as to whether he was enjoying himself or not.) As I tortured him by softly tonguing small circles around his cockhead we were startled by a commotion in the front of the cottage. Being half a mile down a heavily wooded gravel road guarded by a locked gate, I wasn't too concerned about visitors. These sounds were by no means mechanical and sounded like animals fighting. I pulled on my joggers as Tim grabbed his robe and we both went through the cottage to the front door. I really had no idea what to expect when I opened the front door, my shotgun in my hand. There on the front lawn, about ten feet from the edge of the porch were three dogs; a small beagle-looking bitch very much in heat, a somewhat larger brown male actively trying to fuck the beagle, and a young but full-grown beautiful black Great Dane. The bitch was almost too small for the brown male and he couldn't get his long red prick to hit home effectively. Every third or fourth lunge, she'd raise up and he'd lower enough that he'd get about half of his 5 inch dog-dick into her. Then, just as they would try to get a rhythm going, he'd slip out. The Dane was fit-to-be-tied and was just too tall to get anywhere near the bitch. Never the less, he had at least eight inches of hard canine cock exposed and was, as Tim so aptly described it, "air-fucking". The brown dog was at least getting his dick wet, but the Dane wasn't getting any relief at all. "I've never watched dogs fucking like this before. It's really kind of neat in a kinky sort of way isn't it." Tim said, never taking his eyes off the trio. The black Dane was standing over the other two stabbing at thin air with his long red-tipped dick. It was apparent that he'd been like that for quite some time as he started again to howl, almost as if in pain. "Poor thing" Tim muttered, "he's too big to get anywhere and it sounds like he's in pain. He reminds me of Danner, the dog my neighbors had when I was little." "What do you want me to do, go jerk him off!" I chuckled. About that time, the brown dog and the beagle-bitch got their "act" together and got a good humping rhythm going. I put my arms around Tim and ran my hand into his robe. I caressed his right tit rolling his hard nipple gently between my thumb and forefinger. He wriggled his butt against my half-hard cock. (Yes, I too was turned on by the "show" we were getting.) As the brown male thrust in and out of the smaller beagle, we could see an inch or two of his hard prick as he pulled back to thrust in again. Tim ran his hand into his robe and moaned as his fingers touched his still sensitive cock. "I will" he said in a husky purr. "You will, what?" I asked, sort of dumb-founded. "I will, if you'll hold him." His voice was almost pleading. "What are you talking about?" I asked as I glanced around at his face. I then saw that he was staring intently not at the two smaller dogs, but at the big black Dane straining to get some relief from fucking thin air. "If you hold him, I'll jerk him off. He looks to be in pain and he won't get any comfort from her. I'll do it for him if you'll hold him. He's so big, and he's so beautiful. Oh, please help me get him off, please." Tim was almost whining along with the Dane and I realized that he was serious. I pinched his nipple a little harder between my thumb and finger and said "Alright, if that's what you want, I'll help." His cock was almost full hard as he kept rubbing it with the slippery remains of his last orgasm. At this point, the two smaller dogs were winding up their "act" and the male was locked inside the beagle bitch. He slid off her back and swung a leg over and there they were looking like two Siamese twins joined at the rear. "What are they doing that for?" Tim asked, looking very serious. I explained that when a male dog cums inside a bitch, he gets a knot in the head of his dick to ensure that all the semem remains in her, and it'll take several minutes for it to go down so he can pull out. Tim said that it sure would be nice if some men were that way too so they would not just cum, pull out and go to sleep. "Present company accepted, though." he added almost embarrassed. The other two dogs were hobbling off down the road and the Dane was still stabbing at the wind. Tim stepped off the porch and the large black beast looked over at him, his cock still seven or eight inches out. As Tim approached, his tail started to wag and he patted the top of the dog's large head. He stood not quite waist tall to Tim at the top of his head. I approached him from the other side and patted his well muscled shoulders. He was a young adult and someone had taken excellent care of him. Tim ran his hands along his back and as he got to his flanks Tim let his hand slide under the dog's belly. Although I couldn't see, I could tell when he finally touched the long cock. He cooed and purred and his hips twitched over and over as Tim caressed the shaft. Tim laid his cheek on the dog's head and chanted "There, there Danner, I'll make it better for you, I'll make you cum." The big dog stood there with his hips twitching in unison with Tim's strokes, his long tongue hanging from the side of his mouth as he panted in time with his hips. I sensed that Tim was in no danger from this youngster and took my hand from his shoulder and released his collar with the other. Stepping back, I watched Tim doing what I had only fantasized about in the past. For what seemed like fifteen minutes he stroked and caressed Danner's long pointed shaft, and I watched spellbound as Tim started to grow im-patient. "What am I doing wrong?" he asked, his eyes looking to me for an answer. "I don't know, I'm just about ready to cum just watching you two!" I chided. He released the red cock and put his hands around the dog's neck. "Whats the matter boy, aren't I doing it right for you?" he asked. Tim moved in front of the big animal and put his hands on his jaws and looked him right in the eyes. "I'll help you out if you'll help me" he said softly into his face. The dog's long pink tongue slid out of his mouth and he licked Tim from his chin to his eyebrows. Stunned, Tim sat back on the ground and just stared at the big black dog and then he started to giggle. I laughed out loud too at the sight of him sitting on the ground in front of this magnificent beast with his robe gaping open at the waist and his legs spread in front of him like he was offering himself to the dog. Danner must have thought so too, because in an instant, he stepped forward, lowered his head and stuck his nose right into Tim's crotch. I took a step toward them, but was stopped by a raised hand from Tim. "Is that what you want boy, to eat a little cock, huh?" he cooed. A moment later, he squealed and raised his hips slightly, and I guessed that Danner'd stuck his long tongue right into his tight asshole. His eyes got big, he got this strange look on his face, and he started to get hard right there on the front lawn. Tim shook and panted and squealed for what seemed like two minutes, before he pushed the Dane's head away from his naked crotch and stood up. "This just isn't the sort of thing that a gentleman should be doing on the front lawn." Tim said in mock society-snootiness. I thought for a bit that he'd had second thoughts about helping the Dane release his tension, but when he turned and headed for the porch, he said over his shoulder "Come on boys, lets go where we can have some privacy!" With that all three of us headed back through the house to the back yard, The excitement showed, the beautiful black Great Dane had his pink tongue hanging out of his mouth and his red dog-cock hanging under his belly, and me with as much of a hardon as I've ever had bulging in my swimsuit. If I'd had any neighbors, that scene alone would have given them ammunition for gossip to last years! Once we all got into the back yard, Tim was out of his robe in a flash, and sat down on the edge of the chaise, his legs spread wide. He rubbed his exposed cock and whistled. "Com'on big fellah, do that again!" he called. I didn't believe my eyes. Here was a fairly normal, handsome twenty-four year old man who'd just cum not fifteen minutes ago from being sucked off by me! And now he was coaxing the dane in for round two. Tim was always a bit of an exhibitionist, and I'd never seen him shy away from anything as far as sex was concerned, but this was almost enough to blow my mind......but not quite! I'd had a "thing" about a person and an animal getting it on together ever since I'd seen that blue-movie that a friend and I snuck from his big brothers stag party collection when I was fourteen. Now I was getting a real first hand show by another object of my fantasies, Tim. As the big dog's nose touched Kims balls, his tongue snaked out and he licked his from his tight little asshole all the way up his stiff cock and back again. Then his haunches started humping again and I could see his long dog-dick start to twitch under his belly. Tim slid his foot under the dog's belly and gently rubbed the cock with his toes. He held the big black head in his hands and murmured "Com'on you beautiful beast lick me, make me come again, fuck my toes, let it go......lick me, eat'on you beast..." more beastiality stories

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